Because our polo mallets are the best in the world.


From harvest rattan cane that grows in mountainous area in Malaysia and Singapore, to the taco carrying the polista to the court, there is a long and careful process that requires precision and wisdom.


We travel twice a year to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore to find the rods to be processed in Argentina.
They are places well away very close to the forest.
The cane grows in montaña.Los monkeys eating fruit with their waste processed sow the seed to grow a new plant.
They try to sow artificial conditions but gives the same result.


50% of the quality of taco is in the selection of the cane (in the place of origin) and 50% in the hand of Craftsman manufactures.

Each craftsman has his style; This is what brings with great recognition among the polo players, since it is not a product that is purchased armed and improvement;
is not just something that is part of a trip to unusual places 23 hour flight and a no good climate; 3 years parking has more wood imprinting Craftsman style, Artistic creation, Good Taste, etc., determine the characteristic unique.

An important part of taco is the cigar chick. It is a timber that has three years of parking and it shows in the goodbye that has the bowl (when it is very new absorbs shock).

Our trip to Malaysia

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